The Ultimate Naming Don’t

Heaven spelt backwards is not a name. It’s one of the ultimate naming DON’Ts.

Every time I see or hear this “name,” I have an immediate gagging reflex. I hope I never have to encounter one in person, because I doubt I could control my overwhelming visceral reaction. I don’t even want to pronounce this monstrosity. It’s that much of an affront to onomastics and etymology.

Without fail, every time someone announces this “name,” it’s followed by a smirk and “That’s Heaven spelt backwards.” No duh. I never would’ve guessed that after hearing it for so many years! In fact, the “name” might as well be “Nevaeh-it’s-Heaven-spelt-backwards-TEEHEEHEE!-isn’t-that-the-cutest-and-cleverest-thing-ever?!” No, no it isn’t. It makes you look uneducated, extremely young, with no higher aspirations for your daughter.

This “name” is often paired with a middle name like Heaven, Angel, or even Tnes Legna, so that the entire thing becomes Heaven Sent Angel backwards. Yeah, all the mothers I’ve seen for Nevaehs seem to be under 21. I can’t imagine an educated, mature woman actually thinking this is a cute, appropriate baby name that confers grace, class, substance, and intelligence.

This “name” came out of nowhere in 2000, when some singer used it on his daughter. At 2001, it entered the U.S. charts at #266, and continued rising. It peaked at #25 in 2010, and in 2012, the most recent year for which information is available, was at #39. The dumbing-down of America in action.

Too many people don’t think ahead. They only care about what sounds cute or trendy at the moment, not how a name will age with a child. If you can’t picture a name on an adult, on a desk or office plaque, or on a résumé or diploma, it might be time to rethink your naming choices. This “name” will never look or sound anything but trashy. Honestly, I can take an adult with a recently-trendy name like Brittany or Katelyn more seriously than I could ever take a Nevaeh!


One thought on “The Ultimate Naming Don’t

  1. if enough people born at the same time have the same name, then when they are all adults the name will seem like an appropriate adult name simply because a lot of adults have the name. Just how naming trends go. But I agree, name fads are annoying.

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