Chelnaldina and Chingiz


Chelnaldina means “Chelyuskin on the ice floe,” derived from the elements Chelyuskin na ldine. This is in reference to the ship Chelyushkin, captained by Otto Yuliyevich Shmidt and named after Semyon Ivanovich Chelyushkin. In February 1934, during an Arctic expedition, the ship became trapped in an ice floe in the Bering Strait and sunk. The crew escaped and were finally rescued that April.

This wasn’t the only name given in homage to this ship and its voyage. Other names included Chelyusnaldina, Lagshmivara, Lapanalda, and Oyusminaldina. In spite of the disaster, the authorities deemed it a successful mission because of how far the ship had gotten.

Chingiz isn’t a Russian name, but a Kyrgyz name since adopted into Russia proper, no longer only found in Kyrgyzstan. I know of the name from Chingiz Torekulovich Aytmatov (12 December 1928-10 June 2008), the great national writer of the Kyrgyz people. We had to read his most famous novel, The Day Lasts Longer Than a Hundred Years, in my Modern Russian Literature class my junior year of university.

Looking at Behind the Name, my guess is that Chingiz is the Kyrgyz form of the Turkish name Cengiz, which is ultimately derived from the Mongolian name Genghis, which means “universal lord.”

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