Flora and Fernand


Flora obviously isn’t an invented or Soviet name, but a modern Russian name adopted from other languages and cultures during the 20th century. It means “flower.” The name was first found in German, Hungarian, Latin, Italian, and English, with variants in Dutch, French, and Welsh. I have a character named Flora, born in 1936. In the Summer of 1942, she and her oldest surviving sister get polio and have to spend some time in the iron lung ward.

Fernand also is a 20th century Russian name adopted from other languages and cultures. Sometimes it may be written as Fernan or Ferdinand. The Fernand spelling comes from French, while Ferdinand is from German, Czech, English, Hungarian, and Slovenian. Other forms of the name are found in Spanish, Polish, Catalán, Italian, and Portuguese. I also have a Fernand, Flora’s baby brother, born August 1942. He’s the youngest child and the only surviving boy in the family.

The name means “brave/daring journey.”

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