Kim and Krarmiya


Kim was a boys’ name in the Soviet Union, and not because there were a lot of Koreaphiles or people who liked the name Kimberly. It means “Communist Youth Internationale,” derived from the elements Kommunisticheskiy Internatsional Molodyozhi. The female form was Kima.

Krarmiya means “Red Army,” derived from the elements Krasnaya Armiya.

Sources consulted: (penultimate post) (male) (female)


3 comments on “Kim and Krarmiya

  1. Tarkabarka says:

    Gotta love the Soviet Union 😀 Good thing Kim can be disguised as something else…

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary – Tales of colors
    MopDog – The crazy thing about Hungarians…

  2. Bob Scotney says:

    Kim Philby was a British agent who defected to the USSR.

  3. Damyanti says:

    Didn’t know about this at all. I learn something new every day with the AZ!

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