Orletos and Oktyabrina


Orletos means “The October Revolution, Lenin, and work are the base of Socialism,” derived from the phrase Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya, Lenin, i trud osnova Sotsializm. I kinda like this name, since it sounds vaguely Greek, like it could pass for a real name.

Oktyabrina means simply October, obviously in reference to the October Revolution of 1917. I’m not wild about the name October in English (though I do like less-common month names as people names, like September, January, and December), but it sounds a bit more like a name in Russian.

Sources consulted:

http://panzercentral.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=96&t=36301 (penultimate post)



http://www.devichnik.ru/9810/imia.html (male)

http://www.devichnik.ru/9805/imia.html (female)


2 thoughts on “Orletos and Oktyabrina

  1. I’m a little torn on less-common month names. I can understand January because it at least sounds somewhat like a name. A part of me thinks December sounds like it’s not a name. I saw a Maury clip where a baby girl whose paternity was disputed was named December. At least it was spelled correctly. I recall a girl in my sister’s Girl Scout troop, many years ago named D’Cember, or something along those lines; I don’t really care for spellings like that.

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