Pyatvchet and Pravdina


Pyatvchet means “The Five-Year plan in four years,” derived from the elements pyatiletka v chetyre goda. Not exactly a name I’d recommend for anyone!

Pravdina is derived from the word pravda, “truth.” This was, of course, in homage to the newspaper Pravda, which began in 1903, officially in 1912. During the Civil War, it became the official organ of the Communist Party, and often printed anything but the truth.

Sadly, like in many other languages, the Russian word for “truth” is also related to the words for “right” and “right-handed,” associating all this great stuff with the right side of the body, while completely slandering lefties and anything to do with the left side.

Sources consulted: (penultimate post) (male) (female)


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