Quintavia and Quirino


Q is one of my favourite letters for names and words, since it’s so uncommon. Why not take advantage of the opportunity as often as possible?

Quintavia is a very unusual name, particularly well-suited to a fifth-born child. I love birth order names, like Quintavia, Quintina, Quadressa, Octavia, Septima, and Decima. Since I’m a bit of a name purist in this regard, I’d personally only use it on a girl who was a fifth-born child.

Quirino is an Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese name, derived from the original Latin Quirinus, possibly meaning “spear.” Quiris is the Sabine word for “spear.” Several early saints were named Quirinus, as was a Roman and Sabine god. The feminine form is Quirina. I loved this name from the very first time I saw it. It’s nice to find male Q names besides the well-known Quentin, Quincy, Quinn, and Quinlan.

The Dutch form is Quirijn; the French form is Corin; and the German form is Quirin.


3 comments on “Quintavia and Quirino

  1. i love names! great theme! i had to go back through your letters to see more.
    iskra is my fave so far – spark!
    happy a to z-ing!

  2. Bonnie says:

    For a boy Quinn, and Q is used differently in various languages….visiting from A-Z. http://bonnieupnorth.xanga.com/

  3. Hi, I’ve discovered your blog in the A to Z Road trip. This is a great theme, and I’m learning a lot here, will for sure come back.

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