Likes and surprises on the boys’ Top 500 of 2013

Though things have certainly begun changing in recent years, it’s still largely true that popular boys’ names are more stable over time, with less trendy and cutesy names getting popular. I have to agree with the observation I’ve heard, that a lot of people sexistly view girls as cute little accessories, while boys are considered more worthy of names that sound serious and mature as they age. At least be consistent and give both your sons and daughters trendy, childish-sounding names, instead of naming your sons William and Andrew, while naming your daughters McMadysynleelynn and Kynadee.

#13, James. Always liked this name and used to want to use on on my future second son (back when I wanted eight kids and had their names and whole lives planned out). I don’t think I’d use it on a future son now, but I still like it.

#18, David. A perennial favourite, which sounds good on someone of any age. I know it’s overused as anything, but I’ve never been annoyed by its overuse.

#25, Samuel. I’m pissed my future firstborn son’s name has gotten so popular. I’m certainly not expecting it to ever be, like, #800 or #450, but at least it doesn’t have to be Top 30! Hopefully I’ll have kids by the time I’m 40, and it won’t get any more popular by then.

#27, John. What a shock to see John down so relatively far, after centuries of being the most popular male name in existence, across numerous languages! The names John and Mary were so overused and boring 100 years ago, but now they seem like a breath of fresh air since they’re no longer #1. I’d think a modern parent choosing the name John wants him to stand out instead of blend in.

#29, Isaac. Love this name, and don’t like seeing it become so trendy. Once a name you like becomes really popular, it’s hard to be able to use it. There’s that fear that people will assume you only chose it because it was popular, and wouldn’t have considered it otherwise.

#31, Nathan. Lovely name.

#37, Henry. One of the old man names that’s gotten trendy in recent years. I liked this name before it was trendy, enough to have used it for one of my characters.

#47, Julian. Very classy name.

#52, Oliver. Of course I love this name, being a huge Laurel and Hardy fan.

#69, Josiah. Something tells me not all the people using these religious names like Josiah, Isaiah, Isaac, and Jeremiah in recent years are motivated by religiosity. A name like David can go either way, but if you’re using such a heavily religious name, I kind of expect you to be more than a little religious!

#95, Lincoln. I’m not really a fan of surnames as first names, but this is one of those surnames I don’t have a problem with as a forename.

#107, Micah. Sad to see this name becoming so popular.

#111, Max. Always been a favourite, and it pisses me off that it’s gotten so hot among the yuppie set. A lot of people use names like Maximilian and Maxwell just so they can call the kid Max.

#112, Leo. Love this name.

#125, Timothy. Used to want to use this name on my future third son. I still like the name, and don’t get the criticism that it’s “wimpy.”

#128. Giovanni. Beautiful Italian name.

#137, Ivan. I adore this name with the Russian pronunciation, Ee-VAHN. The Anglo mispronunciation EYE-vinn just throws it away.

#157, George. Nice to see this name making a comeback, after being written off as an old man name! I’d be shocked to see it get much more popular, though.

#170, Theodore. Always loved this name because of Teddy Roosevelt. I wanted to name my future fourth son this name, and still would love to use it on a future child if I’m meant to have more than one. I’m positive, based on my gut feelings and all the dreams I’ve had over the years, that I’m going to have a boy first, but if the future Samuel isn’t my only child, I’d love to have a Theodore as well.

#199, Kai. This name is really cute and quirky.

#203, Graham. Apparently the U.S. is the only place in the world where this name is routinely pronounced GRAM. The pronunciation used everywhere else in the English-speaking world, GRAY-um, is so much more distinguished.

#208, Peter. Long been my next-fave male name.

#229, Simon. Readers of my main blog may remember this is the name of my giant stuffed frog, who takes up half my bed and is almost as big as I am. I never liked the name till I read Leon Uris’s Mila 18, which totally transformed my association with this name. (Froggy is named after someone else, though!)

#263, Martin. I associate this name with old guys and Martin Lawrence. Kind of surprised to see it’s so popular.

#286, Edgar. Love this name, in spite of how some people think it’s an old man name. Hopefully it won’t become the next Jack or Max.

#294, Alexis. I’ll always think of this as a MALE name, in spite of how popular it’s gotten for girls. Glad to see some names haven’t totally gone to the girls yet.

#296, Felix. This name is so cute.

#323, Arthur. This name is so classy, elegant, and handsome.

#346, Nehemiah. Wonder if this name will become as popular as Isaiah, Isaac, Elijah, Josiah, and Jeremiah.

#349, Allen. This has always been my favourite spelling of the name, since it makes the most phonetic sense. I honestly thought the Alan form was pronounced A-LAN when I first encountered it as a child.

#364, Phillip. Always liked this name, though I prefer it with one L (#386).

#394, Keith. I love this name because of Keith Moon. I have a stuffed dog named Keith in his honour.

#4o3, Ronald. I have a hard time picturing this name on a baby or little boy!

#415, Donald. See above. Nothing wrong with either name; they’re just strongly dated to older guys!

#416, Bruce. Love this name.

#417, Jakob. I far prefer this name with a K, since it looks more distinctive and European. There was also a horrible bully named Jacob in junior high, whom I hope to God isn’t teaching his kids to bully other people. The K spelling doesn’t give me that association with this prick.

#424, Solomon. Really strikes me as a very geriatric name.

#425, Rhett. Like Romeo, do people really have any other association with this name? Then again, I’m hardly one to talk, since I like the name Lucifer.

#439, Saul. Always liked this name, though I’m well aware that many people consider this an old man name.

#459, Rory. At least some people know this is a MALE name, contrary to how the overrated Gilmore Girls depicted it as a girls’ name.

#468, Moses. Surprised to see this name charting so relatively high! For some reason, I don’t see the Hebrew form Moshe as being geriatric, but the English form does feel very old.

#470, Adriel. I’ve loved this name since I discovered it in 2002. Nice to see it getting some love, and that some people know it’s a male name. Why would anyone assume this is a girls’ name simply because of the -el ending? It’s not -elle!

#478, Warren. Always loved this name. It’s so strong and distinctive.

#492, Frederick. I love this name, and the nickname Freddie.

#499, Marvin. Besides the obvious association with Marvin Gaye, this strikes me as a very old man-type name.

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