Likes and surprises on the boys’ Top 500 of 2013, continued

Here are my likes and surprises from the lower half of the 2013 Top 1000 boys’ names.

#501, Arjun. Nice to see an Indian name, though I strongly prefer the version I’m most familiar with, Arjuna. The Arjun version just looks wrong to me.

#506, Francis. Kind of surprised to see this name up so high. It seems really old-fashioned.

#516, Byron. I love this name. It sounds so romantic and distinguished. I also think of one of the heroes of Herman Wouk’s The Winds of War and War and Remembrance.

#521, Ahmed. I’m fond of this name because of The Sheik and The Son of the Sheik, though the Ahmed in the original novels was a huge brute. Apparently the 1919 novel on which the 1921 hit film was based is like one huge rape and kidnapping fantasy.

#528, Maurice. This name seems rather geriatric, not the kind of name I could easily picture on a baby.

#539, Uriah. Always liked this name. It’s very distinctive.

#540, Douglas. I used to think this name was snobby and ugly, till I became a fan of the handsome, talented Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

#544, Dorian. I’d bet his parents are yuppies.

#558, Roger. I always associated this name with a bully and a thug, since it often seems to belong to bullies, both fictional and real-life. Nowadays, I have a soft spot for the name, largely because of the (formerly) sexy Roger Harry Daltrey. (Seriously, Rog, you’re 70 now. Button up your damn shirt!)

#573, Odin. This name is pretty neat, though it could easily come off as pretentious and heavy.

#578, Gary. I always liked this name, though I know a lot of people consider it very middle-aged.

#587, Nixon. I’m past wondering if the parents choosing it know anything about Richard Nixon, given how many people are genuinely befuddled when asked if their little Kennedy is named after JFK.

#590, Kyrie. This name seems very feminine to me, and makes me think of the Kyrie Eleison chant.

#593, Vihaan. Can’t say I’ve ever encountered this name before. I suspect it’s Indian.

#596, Demetrius. Love this name!

#617, Sincere. Lesser-used Virtue names are my guilty pleasure, but this isn’t one of them. A name like Honesty, Courage, or Thankful sounds better on a real person, in my opinion.

#620, Melvin. This is a quintessential geek name for me, like Dexter.

#625, Winston. Always loved this name. It’s so handsome and classy.

#627, Ayaan. Another name I can’t recall having seen before, which also looks Indian.

#632, Rex. Contrary to most people’s opinion, I never thought of this as a dog-only name. It sounds so handsome and distinctive, and reminds me of the awesome silent film director Rex Ingram.

#647, Bruno. Love this name.

#653, Allan. This is my next-fave spelling, the #1 being Allen. I never really liked the Alan spelling or found the pronunciation intuitive.

#655, Hamza. Nice to see some lesser-known Arabic names on the list.

#662, Morgan. This is one of those unisex names I can easily see on either boy or girl, and don’t have a preference.

#665, Roland. Love this name.

#669, Bobby. I’m not exactly a fan of nicknames as full legal names, and this nickname seems rather dated. I honestly can’t recall any Bobbies my age I’ve known. It seems like a little Robert is usually nicknamed Robbie or Rob these days, not Bob or Bobby.

#671, Samson. I love this name, and the Hebrew form Shimshon.

#679, Stanley. I’ve long loved this name because of Stan Laurel, geriatric connotations be damned.

#687, Leonard. I’ve always liked the name, though it does have that old man association.

#690, Billy. This also seems a bit of a dated nickname. It seems like Will and Willie are the more modern nicknames.

#692, Aryan. Puke. When I still posted at BNaBBT, someone posted a birth announcement for an Aryan Justice (a girl). It was eventually discovered that her parents were indeed white supremacists, and someone at one of their neo-Nazi forums said he was standing at his computer giving a white power salute right now, tears of pride running down his face.

#694, Elisha. Nice to see some people aren’t afraid to use this name in spite of the “girly” ending. Seriously, just because a name ends in an A doesn’t mean it’s automatically feminine!

#696, Otto. Surprised to see this name on the list, since most people seem to think it’s too heavy and clunky.

#697, Adonis. Even if he’s Greek-American, you know he’s going to grow up with such a superiority complex!

#701, Leonidas. Cute name.

#719, Legend. Seriously, Legend?

#733, Lionel. I like this name, though some people think it’s too geriatric.

#762, Jerome. I adore this name, because of St. Jerome and Curly Howard.

#763, Junior. Seriously? Way to ensure he’ll never be taken seriously! This is a nickname and a title, not a legal name!

#769, Lennon. I’m sure many people at this point are just using it because surnames as forenames are trendy, and they’re totally unfamiliar with John Lennon.

#779, Eugene. I’ve only known one my age. It seems so middle-aged and geriatric.

#786, Leandro. Lovely name.

#789, Atlas. I love obscure Greek mythology names, but this doesn’t sound believable on a real human. I also can’t picture it paired with a surname.

#802, Abdiel. Cute name.

#816, Frankie. I have a hard time picturing anyone under the age of 50 with this nickname.

#839, Enoch. Nice to see some lesser-used Biblical names on the list.

#838, Dominique. I know this is a man’s name in France, but it still seems weird to see it on a boy.

#844, Jordyn. I thought this kreatyv spylyng was girls-only, since a y mykes a nyme fymynyne.

#867, Yael. This name is female-only for me.

#872, Jedidiah. I only expect to find this name on people of the overbreeding Duggars’ ilk.

#885, Gilbert. This name seems very old-fashioned, but not so much so it’s dated to one generation.

#889, Hezekiah. I kinda like this name, though I could only picture a super-religious family using it.

#893, Harold. Always loved this name, and used to want to use it as a middle name for a son named James. As an adult, I love it because of Harold Lloyd, and that powerful image of English patriotism and peoplehood on the Bayeux Tapestry, with the caption, “Here sits Harold, King of the English.” Even under foreign occupation, they knew who their real king was.

#895, Mustafa. Yeah, who doesn’t immediately think of a lion when hearing this name?

#908, Titan. This name sounds too pretentious for a real person, plus the heavy teasing potential from the first three letters.

#976, Pierre. Lovely, distinguished name. Pierre was my favourite character in War and Peace.

#980, Yadiel. Don’t recall having seen this name before, but I kinda like it.

#997, Rocky. Why do people use nicknames as legal names? Give the poor kid some options!


One thought on “Likes and surprises on the boys’ Top 500 of 2013, continued

  1. Great post.

    I have to stray thoughts.

    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on virtue names. I don’t mind the common ones like Faith, Hope and Grace, but I feel that the ones you mentioned are pretentious.

    One of my classmates from the past semester is named Bob.

    I knew a male Dominique in middle school.

    There is one name that you don’t mention that is slowly getting more popular: Messiah. I’m sorry, but that’s so pretentious; my mom is a nurse and she once had newborn patient who was named Faith Messiah, and on Maury (we have the same guilty pleasure) I saw a baby named King Messiah.

    On a side note, I found a name website; I thought you would find it interesting because it includes rankings from beyond the top 100 and the number of times a baby name was used in a given year.

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