Panfilo and Pampinea


Panfilo is a member of the brigata in The Decameron, one of the three men. It’s the Italian form of Pamphilos, which means “lover of all.” It’s a really appropriate name for this character, since he’s so full of love, delight, and joy. His stories frequently have deeper meanings, encouraging us to look beyond what seems to be on the surface. Many of his characters hide their true nature. Panfilo is also the storyteller who kicks off the 100 stories.

Pampinea is also a member of the brigata, one of seven women. At 27, she’s the oldest. The name means “the flourishing one” in Italian. She was the one who suggested she and her friends escape Plague-riddled Florence for the countryside, and she was the one who brought the three men into the group. Thus, she’s the Queen for the first day of storytelling, and gets to choose the day’s topic. Under her reign, people are allowed to tell stories on any topic they like, and aren’t forced to keep to a theme.

It’s been noted that Pampinea’s stories come seventh on the final three days of storytelling, an auspicious number in Numerology, and reflecting the fact that there are seven women, of whom she’s the leader.


7 thoughts on “Panfilo and Pampinea

  1. When I first read the meaning for Panfilo, I instantly thought of a player…a man who wants to be with every woman. But Panfilo in The Decameron fits the meaning much better. 🙂

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  3. PAMPINEA. i instantly fell in love with that name when i watched the Italian movie “Virgin Territory” and i and my have now elected to name our first child that name. we got madder and more fascinate when we first learned about the meaning “the blooming or flourishing one”. it sounds so feminine and with religious roots too. it’s only a little more than two months to her impending coming now and i am writing article and articles for her. the actual thing is, we can’t breathe. pray with us.

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