Qadir and Quadressa


Qadir is an Arabic name meaning “capable” and “powerful.” In Islamic tradition, al-Qadir is one of Allah’s 99 names. The Turkish form is Kadir.

Al-Qadir (947–29 November 1031) was also the name of the Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad from 991–1031. His most notable achievement was in helping to establish a viable, large, thriving Sunni presence, in response to the Shi’ite supremacy.

This name has also been borne by many other famous people, among them Abdul-Qadir Bedil (1642–1720), an Indian–Persian poet and Sufi; Abd al-Qadir Maraghi(mid-14th century–1435), a Persian poet, artist, and musician; Abdul-Qadir Gilani (1077–1166), a Persian Sufi saint; and Abdullah Abdul Kadir (1796–1854), a Malaysian writer.

Quadressa is a quite uncommon name, though it appears I didn’t make it up myself. I just love birth order names, and this would be a really neat name to give to a fourth-born child.

Other Q birth-order names I like: Quintavia, Quintillia, Quintiliana, Quintessa, Quintina, Quintania. Birth order names not starting with Q I like: Septima, Decima, Una, Octavia.


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