Wulfric and Wafiya


Wulfric is the original Anglo–Saxon form of Ulric, a Medieval name meaning “wolf power.” It can also be spelt Wolfric. I adore all the Wolf names, so this name particularly appeals to me. Famous Wulfrics include Wulfric Spot (d. between 1002–1010), an Anglo–Saxon nobleman whose will is a very important document from the reign of King Æthelred the Unready; Wulfric of Haselbury (ca. 1080–20 February 1154), a popular miracle-worker and hermit who’s venerated as a saint, in spite of not being formally canonised; and the main protagonist of historical novelist Charles W. Whistler’s Wulfric the Weapon Thane.

Wafiya is the feminine form of Wafi, an Arabic name meaning “loyal,” “reliable,” “perfect,” “trustworthy.” It’s hard to find female W names I really like (particularly since there are so relative few of them), so I pay special attention to the rare few which speak to me like this one. Please let me know if you know any famous Wafiyas, either real or fictional. I unfortunately couldn’t find any.


3 thoughts on “Wulfric and Wafiya

  1. I figured Wulfric had something to do with a wolf. I like that meaning. It seems quite a few of the names you’ve highlighted means wolf in some way or another. 🙂

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