A to Z Reflections


I was glad to see my blog got more traffic for A to Z than last year, when this blog was still fairly new. It still has a ways to go in becoming more visible, but I’m hopeful it’ll continue to gradually gain new readers. I’ve also put a button on the top of my main blog’s sidebar, linking over here. Many of the regular readers of my primary blog simply haven’t known I have another blog, nor where to find it.

Writing, scheduling, and editing all my posts in advance was essential to successfully completing the Challenge. With the amount of planning and research which went into my posts, I never could’ve written them on the fly, in real time. It seems like a lot of people who drop out early, or never start in spite of having signed up, don’t understand the importance of doing this. All it takes is a little time each day, not hours and hours.

It’s always really disappointing to click on a link to a neat-sounding blog, and discover that person either never started the Challenge, or quit participating without an explanation or later attempt to make up for it. I’d guess many of these people never read the A to Z blog for advice and encouragement on how to stay on top of the Challenge and win.

I understand life gets in the way, but if you’re not really serious about seeing this through to the end, it seems pointless to sign up. You should bring your A game, and if you’re unable to finish, at least write your readers an explanation and/or apology. People want to know why you’ve stopped posting. It also seems kind of weird to announce your awesome theme, and then quit only a few posts in. How much planning and thought really went into this theme if you abandoned it so quickly?

People really want to help you! It pays to visit the A to Z blog, and the blogs of the co-hosts, so you can see how it’s done. It really doesn’t take much to write a post every day. You don’t need an elaborate theme requiring lots of research and 700-word posts. All you need is a good idea and lots of determination.

Recap of my A to Z posts:

Arrighetto and Ambruogia (29 views)
Beltramo and Beatrice (16 views)
Cassandrea and Cipolla (14 views)
Dioneo and Dianora (19 views)
Emilia and Ercolano (18 views)
Fiammetta and Filostrato (18 views)
Ghismunda and Gabriotto (17 views)
Hadrian and Hippolyta (12 views)
Isotta and Ishmael (7 views)
Jarogniew, Jezebel, and Jancofiore (12 views)
Kohinoor and Keith (16 views)
Lisetta and Landolfo (11 views)
Mithridanes and Mita (9 views)
Neifile and Nicostrato (8 views)
Oretta and Osbech (14 views)
Panfilo and Pampinea (14 views)
Qadir and Quadressa (11 views)
Rustico and Restituta (12 views)
Sismonda and Saladin (10 views)
Tedaldo and Teudelinga (8 views)
Usimbalda and Ughetto (11 views)
Violante and Vieri (11 views)
Wulfric and Wafiya (8 views)
Xiomara and Xochipilli (14 views)
Yumiko and Yaron (12 views)
Zinevra and Zima (16 views)

I have an idea for next year’s theme, though if it’s the theme I’m thinking ahead to, I’ll probably once again have to have a couple of wild card days.


3 thoughts on “A to Z Reflections

  1. Congrats on finishing it! I have an A-Z theme going but it’s more of a year-long process. I’ve posted up to H but I’ve prepared up to about V so far. It’s always fun to actually complete what you start and it’s looking good for me so far.

    I didn’t get a chance to read all of your posts but I did receive an email for each of them and enjoyed at least reading the names. You picked some very interesting names! Great theme! I’ll be sure to give them all more of a browse when I get the chance but I wanted to say congrats! 🙂

  2. Yay for more views for this blog! I hadn’t know about this blog until it was A to Z time and you mentioned it on you other blog. I enjoyed finding out new names, their meanings, and the stories behind them. 🙂

    Write with Fey

  3. Congrats on completing the challenge… and on two blogs!!
    This was my first one, but I understand planning in advance is essential. I did it only partially this year (I started with only one week worth of posts) and I think next year I’ll try to have all posted instead.
    Writing while partecipating it’s hard and it takes so much time away from visiting. And I knew it in advance, I just didn’t fully realise it 😉

    It was a good ride.

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