Assorted thoughts on the Top 100 girls’ names of 2014

Since it’s May, the new Top 1000 name lists have finally come out. Instead of giving a thorough run-down of each and every name on the list, I’ll just give my thoughts on some of them.

1. Emma. I liked this name more before it exploded in popularity as a replacement for Emily. It might be old and established, but it’s not like, say, Elizabeth, a name which has been popular pretty much forever. It lay dormant for a long time and then raced up the charts, leading to oversaturation in a very short time.

2. Olivia. I also liked this name more before its explosion in popularity.

3. Sophia. I personally prefer the Polish form Zofia. Again, this is a name which was quite unpopular for many decades, and then suddenly was hot all of a sudden.

4. Isabella. I cannot use this name on a potential daughter because it’s become far too popular. At one point, well before the explosion in popularity, I was considering this as a name for a potential daughter.

5. Ava. Never saw the fuss over this name, and the explosion in popularity makes me even more meh about it.

6. Mia. It’s a cute name, and kind of a surprise to see it up so high. I’ve known Mia and Maya have been popular for awhile, but not that Mia was this popular.

7. Emily. Honestly, this name feels more timeless than Emma, since it’s been popular for awhile, and didn’t just suddenly explode onto the charts after many decades of wide disuse.

8. Abigail. It’s not particularly my style, though I don’t dislike it. It kind of strikes me as a Nineties name.

9. Madison. Is this name really still in the Top 10?

10. Charlotte. I love this name.

11. Harper. Really, Harper is up this high? I wasn’t aware it was climbing this far.

13. Avery. Can this name please go back to the boys?

15. Amelia. Just as I suspected, it’s getting way too popular, because parents want a sound-alike replacement for Emily and Emma. If you like a name, no matter how popular, use it, and if you think a variation will make a difference, think again. This is how names become popular, because a lot of other parents thought the exact same thing, like replacing Madison with Madeline.

16. Evelyn. I’ve known this is a trendy name, though it’s a surprise to see it’s so popular.

20. Aubrey. Can this one also go back to the boys?

24. Addison. Can this one just disappear altogether? I don’t even like it on boys.

26. Brooklyn. I really doubt anyone using this name has actually been to Brooklyn.

29. Layla. Kind of a surprise to see this becoming so popular.

30. Scarlett. Also a surprise to see this suddenly so popular.

31. Aria. I love this name.

42. Penelope. I’ve always loved this name.

46. Sadie. Another surprise to see so popular.

47. Riley. Please, can this go back to the boys?

48. Skylar. I never liked this name on either sex.

53. Paisley. Seriously? This is a pattern, not a name.

54. Kennedy. I don’t have to be told a lot of folks using this name don’t even know or care who JFK was. Kreatyv spylyngz make it even worse, like Kynadi and Kenadeigh.

56. Peyton. I don’t like this for boys either.

61. Aubree. Did this name get popular because it’s the name of the obnoxious Chelsea’s baby on Teen Mom 2? This spelling makes me want to pronounce it Au-BREE, not AUB-ree.

64. Alexis. While I’m used to women having this name, it’ll always be male to me.

65. Heaven spelt backwards will never be a name, sorry.

70. Bella. Another name I liked a lot more before its explosion in popularity.

78. Eleanor. I hope this name doesn’t explode much further up the charts. I hate when names I like are ruined by oversaturation and massive popularity.

87. Ashley. I’m honestly surprised this name is still so popular. When a name has been most popular in a certain generation, instead of steadily popular over decades, it kind of sticks out when it’s used past its popularity peak. It’s like still naming your child Jennifer. I’ve always liked the name, but it’s past its heyday.

88. Khloe. Like the Kardashian nobody?

93. London. Really, native Londoners have said no one in their city would name a child London.

99. Hadley. I don’t like this name on either sex.

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