My favorite languages for names

As a lover of so many different cultures and languages, I’ve fallen in love with quite a few languages’ names over the years. This is my current Top 10.

1. Russian names! I’ve never understood folks who insist Russian naming conventions are so hard to figure out. I figured them out pretty damn easily when I started reading Russian literature as a teenager. I particularly love all the nicknames that can spring from one name.

2. Hungarian names. I became a Magyarphile in the spring of ’95, and fell in love with Hungarian names very early in my journey as a Magyarphile. I love all the accent marks, all the nicknames, and how different some names look from their English equivalents.

3. Polish names. While I’m not specifically a Polonophile, I am a Slavophile, aside from my first and foremost identity as a passionate, proud Russophile. Polish names also have so many neat nicknames, and I love the spellings.

4. Armenian names. I became an Armenophile also in the spring of ’95, and I just love Armenian names.

5. Hebrew names. I love both the modern and Biblical names. It’s really a pity only about 5% (if that) of the names in the Bible are still regularly used today. There are so many neat choices that could really help someone to stand out.

6. Dutch names! I fell in love with Dutch names when I first was introduced to them in late ’92, in seventh grade. They just look and sound so groovy, and have such neat nicknames.

7. Indian names. I’ve been a lover of Indian culture since the fall of ’94, when I started high school. They have so many beautiful names to choose from, and I love how so many male names end in A. Why should only women get names ending in A? It just goes to show the things which are considered male or female vary from culture to culture, and aren’t innately ingrained.

8. Estonian names. I’ve been a proud, passionate Estophile since 2000, and absolutely love all the neat Estonian names. I particularly like how so many of them have double vowels.

9. Welsh names. I’m not such a Celtophile, but I fell in love with Welsh names around 2002. I particularly like the names ending in -wyn/wen.

10. Japanese names. I became a Nipponphile in ’94, and really want to someday get back into learning Japanese. I love how pretty and melodious their names are, and how they have different meanings depending upon which characters are used.


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