Friend names

The names Friend and Friendship were among the Virtue names in use by the Pilgrims and Puritans. These now-unheard-of or very rarely-used Virtue names are my naming guilty pleasure, though I recognise how they’re not considered useable as names by most contemporary English-speakers. There are, however, a number of names in other languages with the same meaning:


Amit is Hebrew.

Mitra, or Mithra, is Sanskrit.


Amika means “friendly” in Esperanto.

Amity comes from an English word for “friendship,” derived from the Latin amicitia.

Inas means “friendliness” in Arabic.

Reut is Hebrew, and a variant of the more familiar RuthRuta is the Polish form, Rūta is Lithuanian, Ruut is Finnish, and Rute is Portuguese. For obvious reasons, I wouldn’t recommend using Rut (Icelandic and Hebrew) in an English-speaking country. While it’s pronounced differently from the word “rut,” that’s not how most people will interpret it.

Tomomi means “beautiful friend” in Japanese.


Adalwin means “noble friend” in Ancient Germanic.

Alfwin means “elf friend” in Ancient Germanic.

Baldwin means “brave friend” in Ancient Germanic.

Benigno means “friendly” in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Darwin means “dear friend” in English, from the Old English Deorwine.

Edwin means “rich friend” in English and Dutch, from the Old English Eadwine.

Emre is Turkish, not to be confused with the beautiful Hungarian name Imre or the similar Hebrew Imri.

Enyinnaya means “his father’s friend” in Igbo, a language spoken in Nigeria and parts of Equatorial Guinea.

Hartwin means “brave friend” in Ancient Germanic.

Khalil is Arabic.

Leobwin means “belovèd friend” in Ancient Germanic. Leofwine is the Anglo–Saxon version.

Leutwin roughly means “friend of the people” in Ancient Germanic.

Ortwin is derived from the Ancient Germanic elements ort (point) and win (friend).

Panfilo means “friend of all” in Italian, and is the name of one of the three men of the brigata in The DecameronPamphilos is the original Greek form.

Raguel means “friend of God” in Hebrew.

Selwyn means “manor friend” in English, from the Old English Selewin.

Winfred means “friend of peace” in English.


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