Solar names

Though many people don’t know any solar-related names beyond the Spanish Sol and the French Soleil, there are a lot of other lovely solar names in other languages. We depend upon the Sun’s light to keep life on Planet Earth going, and often don’t really think about how something that appears so small on the horizon is really so huge and powerful.


Haru can mean “Sun” in Japanese.

Hinata can mean “towards the Sun,” “sunflower,” and “sunny place” in Japanese.

Khurshid means “shining sun” in Persian, after a Zoroastrian Yazata (angel) associated with the Sun.


Aton means “solar disk” in Ancient Egyptian, after a god of the Sun.

Avtandil means “Heart’s sunshine” and “Sunshine of the heart” in Georgian. The nickname form is Avto.

Mzechabuki means “Sun’s fellow” in Georgian.

Mzekhar means “You are the Sun” in Georgian.

Yang can mean “Sun” in Chinese. When the name is written with this particular character, the name is typically male-only, though it can be unisex if other characters (with different meanings) are used.


Arevik means “like the Sun” in Armenian.

Aygün is an Azeri and Turkish name derived from the elements ay (Moon) and gün (Sun).

Firimtvasa means “Moon’s mouth” in Georgian.

Gultamze means “Heart’s Sun” in Georgian.

Günay means “Sun Moon” in Azeri and Turkish.

Günel is an Azeri name derived from the Turkic elements gün and el (nation, people).

Haruko can mean “Sun child” in Japanese.

Hina is a Japanese name composed of the elements hi (Sun, light, male) and na (greens, vegetables). Hi can also mean “Sun, day.” Other meanings are also possible.

Iatamze means “Sun of violets” in Georgian.

Mzia means “Sun” in Georgian.

Mzekhar means “You’re the Sun” in Georgian.

Mzeona means “Sunny” in Georgian.

Mzetamze means “Sun of Suns” in Georgian.

Mzissadari means “Like the Sun” in Georgian.

Mzistvala means “Sun’s eye” in Georgian.

Narangerel means “sunlight” in Mongolian.

Narantsetseg means “sunflower” in Mongolian.

Nou means “Sun” in Hmong.

Saulë means “Sun” in Lithuanian, after the goddess of the Sun.

Savitri means “relating to the Sun” in Sanskrit.

Solfrid means “beautiful Sun” in Norwegian. This name was invented in the 19th century.

Solveig is a Swedish and Norwegian name descended from an Old Norse name meaning “Sun strength.”

Sunčana means “sunny” in Croatian.

Sunniva is the Norwegian form of the Old English Sunngifu, which means “Sun gift.”

Tesni means “warmth from the Sun” in Welsh.

Tinatini means “sunbeam” in Georgian.

Youko can mean “Sun child” in Japanese.


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