Aerial names

The name Skye entered the U.S. Top 1000 in 1987, at #747, and has been slowly, steadily riding in popularity. Some years, it charts lower instead of higher, but it hasn’t experienced a huge slip in popularity yet. Its highest position to date was #368 in 2014; in 2015, it was #385. I imagine it might eventually crack the Top 300, though I’m not sure it’ll ever be Top 100 material. In Australia and the U.K., however, it has been in the Top 100, so one never knows.

In addition to Skye, though, there are also lots of other lovely names with meanings related to air, wind, and the sky.


Esen means “the wind” in Turkish.

Haneul means “sky, heaven” in Korean.

Kalani means “the heavens” in Hawaiian.

Kamalani means “heavenly child” or “royal child” in Hawaiian.

Leilani means “heavenly flowers” or “royal child” in Hawaiian.

Nalani means “the heavens” or “the chiefs” in Hawaiian.

Sora frequently means “sky” in Japanese.


Akash means “sky, open space” in Sanskrit.

Amihan means “north wind, winter storm” in Filipino and Hiligaynon.

Anil means “wind, air” in Sanskrit. This is another name for Vayu, the Hindu god of wind. Obviously, it doesn’t seem so workable in an Anglophone country.

Byeong-Ho can mean “bright, glorious, luminous sky” in Korean.

Caelestis means “heavenly, of the sky” in Latin.

Göker is a Turkish name formed from the elements gök (sky) and er (brave man).

Gökhan means “sky leader” in Turkish.

Göksu is Turkish name formed from the elements gök and su (water).

Govad means “wind” in Persian. This is the name of a Zoroastrian Yazata (angel) of the wind.

Hayate can mean “sound of the wind” in Japanese.

Jun-Ho can mean “talented, handsome sky” in Korean.

Ortzi means “sky” in Basque.

Rangi means “sky” in Maori.

Samir means “air, wind” in Sanskrit. This isn’t to be confused with the Arabic name meaning “companion in evening talk.”

Souma can mean “genuine sound of the wind” in Japanese.

Souta can mean “big sound of the wind” in Japanese.

Vayu means “wind, air” in Sanskrit.

Wayra means “wind” in Quechua, a language spoken in the Andes Mountains of South America.

Zephyr means “the west wind” in Greek, taken from Zephyros, the god of the west wind. Other forms of the name include Ceferino (Spanish), Zeferino (Portuguese), Zéphyr (French), and Tzafrir (Hebrew).

Zeru means “sky” in Basque.


Alya means “sky, loftiness, heaven” in Arabic. The name is also used in Indonesia and Malaysia. This isn’t to be confused with the lesser-used Russian nickname Alya, which is sometimes used for Natalya and names starting in Al (e.g., Aleksandra, Alina).

Amaterasu means “shining over heaven” in Japanese. The original bearer was the Japanese Sun goddess, whom the Royal Family claimed descent from.

Araceli means “altar of the sky” in Spanish.

Aria means “air” in Italian, though it’s more commonly used in English to refer to an elaborate vocal solo in opera.

Asuman means “sky” in Turkish.

Ciel means “sky” in French, though it’s not used as a name in France itself.

Ĉiela means “from the sky, heavenly” in Esperanto.

Era means “wind” in Albanian.

Eteri means “ether, air” in Georgian.

Haizea means “wind” in Basque.

Hokulani means “heavenly star” in Hawaiian.

Ilma means “air” in Finnish. The Estonian form is Ilme.

Lani means “sky, heaven, majesty, royal” in Hawaiian.

Meltem means “sea wind” in Turkish.

Miku can mean “beautiful sky” in Japanese.

Noelani means “heavenly mist” in Hawaiian.

Pualani means “heavenly flower” in Hawaiian.

Tsisana, or Tsisia, means “of the sky” in Georgian.

Tsiuri means “celestial, heavenly” in Georgian.

Tuuli means “wind” in Finnish.

Tuulikki means “little wind” in Finnish. The original bearer was a forest goddess.

Uilani means “heavenly beauty” or “royal beauty” in Hawaiian.

Zéphyrine is the French feminine form of Zéphyr.


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