Raven names

Without a doubt, one of the animals most people associate with the spookiness of Halloween is the raven. These are some names with raven-themed meanings, beyond the popular name Raven itself. Perhaps surprisingly to many folks, almost all of these names are male.


Branwen means “beautiful raven” in Welsh.


Bertram is an English and German name meaning “bright raven,” from the Old Germanic elements beraht (bright) and hramn (raven). Variants include Bertrand (English and French) and Bertrando (Italian).

Bran means “raven” in Irish and Welsh.

Brennus is a Latinized form of an Old Celtic name meaning “raven” or “king, prince.”

Corbin is an English name derived from a French surname, which in turn was derived from the word corbeau (raven). It originally denoted someone with dark hair.

Cormac is an Irish name derived from the Irish Gaelic elements corb (raven or wheel) and mac (son).

Enguerrand is the Medieval French form of the Germanic Engilram. It’s derived from the elements Angil (a Germanic tribe known as the Angles in English) and hramn (raven).

Fechín means “little raven” in Irish. I wouldn’t recommend this one in an Anglophone country!

Fiachna is an Irish name, derived from the Gaelic word fiach (raven). A very similar name, with the same meaning and etymology, is Fiachra.

Guntram means “war raven” in German.

Hrafn means “raven” in Icelandic and Old Norse.

Korbinian is a German name, derived from the Latin word corvus (raven).

Raban is an Ancient Germanic name, derived from hraban, “raven.”

Rambert means “bright raven” in Ancient Germanic.

Wolfram (one of my favoritest male names!) is a German name derived from the Old Germanic elements wulf (wolf) and hramn (raven). If I were a man, I think this is one of the names which would most suit me.


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