The various forms of Natalie

The French and English name Natalie means “Christmas Day,” from the Latin natale domini. While the actual name Christmas has long since fallen out of common use, Natalie has been very popular through the ages. Here are the other forms of the name.

1. Natalya is Russian, with the nickname Natasha. An alternate form (which I can’t recall ever having seen) is Nataliya.

2. Natalija is Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian, and Croatian. The nickname is Nataša (pronounced the same way as Natasha).

3. Nathália is Brazilian-Portuguese.

4. Natália is Slovak, Hungarian, and Portuguese.

5. Nataliya is Ukrainian.

6. Nathalie is a variant French and German form.

7. Natálie is Czech.

8. Natalia is Polish, Georgian, Romanian, Spanish, and Italian.

9. Natàlia is Catalan.

10. Natallya is Belarusian.

11. Natalía is Icelandic.


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