The many forms of Timothy

Timothy has always been one of my favoritest male names. I’ve never understood why some people deride this name as wimpy or nerdy. It’s such a timeless classic, and one of those great universal names which translates into so many diverse languages and cultures.

These are some of the other versions of the name:

1. Timót is Hungarian.

2. Timothée is French. An alternate form is Timothé.

3. Timotei is Romanian.

4. Timotey is Bulgarian.

5. Timofey is Russian.

6. Tymoteusz is Polish.

7. Timoteo is Italian, Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese.

8. Timotej is Slovenian, Macedonian, Serbian, Czech, and Slovak.

9. Timotheus is Dutch and German. Besides Tim, the common diminutive form is Timo.

10. Timoti is Maori.

11. Timofiy is Ukrainian.

12. Timote is Georgian.

13. Timotius is Indonesian.

14. Timoteus is Scandinavian and Finnish, The alternate form Timóteus is Icelandic.

15. Timotije is Croatian.

16. Timmu is Estonian.

17. Timotiejus is Lithuanian.

18. Timoteu is Galician.

19. Kimokeo is Hawaiian.

20. Timotejs is Latvian.

21. Timothea is a feminine form, of Greek origin.

22. Timótea is the Hungarian feminine form. The alternate form Timotea is Italian and Spanish.


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