The many forms of Alice

In 2015, Alice was #86 in the U.S., #24 in England and Wales, #35 in Canada, #46 in Australia, #5 in Belgium, #94 in Chile, #70 in the Czech Republic, #24 in France, #40 in Ireland, #64 in Northern Ireland (a.k.a. Ireland by any other name), #48 in Scotland, #47 in New Zealand, #10 in Italy, #2 in Sweden, #40 in Switzerland, and #15 in Portugal.

The alternate form Alicia was also very popular, ranking #21 in Sweden, #50 in Switzerland, #44 in Spain, #43 in Portugal, #30 in Galicia, #43 in France, #79 in Belgium, and #99 in Catalonia. Though the name was in the Top 100 for many years in the U.S., in 2015 it had dropped to #364.

If you love either of those names but would prefer something less popular, these are some alternatives:

1. Alise is Latvian. The alternate form Âlíse is Greenlandic.

2. Âlît is another Greenlandic form.

3. Aliki is Greek.

4. Alicija is Lithuanian.

5. Alicja is Polish.

6. Aalish is Manx.

7. Alasie is Inuit.

8. Aliça is Occitan.

9. Alisse is Picard, a minority language in France and Belgium.

10. Alis is Welsh.

11. Alisa is Russian, Slovenian, and Finnish. The Icelandic version is Alísa.

12. Alica (Ah-LEE-tsah) is Slovak.

13. Aliza is Basque. Though etymologically unrelated, this is also a Hebrew name meaning “joy.”

14. Adelheid is German and Dutch. This name doesn’t look related to Alice at all, but Alice traces its origins to the Old French Aalis, a short form of Adelais, which in turn is a short form of Adalheidis.

15. Adelaide is English, Italian, and Portuguese. The French form is Adélaïde. I intended to give this name to a character when I was eleven, but I misremembered it, and so named her Adeladie. I liked that unintentionally invented name too much to change it by the time I realized my error.

16. Aliisa is Estonian and Finnish.

17. Aliz is Hungarian.

18. Adelaida is Hungarian and Spanish. Adelaïda is Provençal.

19. Aileas is Scottish.

20. Adelajda is Polish.

21. Ailís is Irish.

22. Alix is Medieval French.

23 and 24. Adelina and Adela are Bulgarian, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and German. The Czech form is Adéla. Though these names look nothing like Alice, they follow a similar etymological path, in that their origins are as diminutive forms of names starting with the Germanic element Adal (e.g., Adalheidis).

25. Adele is English, German, Italian, and Finnish. The French form is Adèle.

26. Adeline started life as a diminutive of Adèle, but is now widely used as a full name in its own right in English and French.

27. Aleka is Hawaiian.

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