A to Z Reflections 2017

This was my sixth year participating in the A to Z Challenge, and my fourth year doing it with two blogs. I began doing it on this, my secondary blog, in 2014. Just like last year, I also waited until this March to write my posts here, though I’d begun making up a list of potential names well in advance.

A lot of cool names on my list were unable to be used, due to a lack of substantial information and artistic representations. I only violated this rule on the V day, when I featured nine stubs instead of two complete profiles.

Names considered but discarded included Iynx, Myrina, Fulgora, Frijjō, Ucalegon, Vanth, Gorgophone, Lampsace, Wachilda, Wudga, Kalchas, Helenus, Hecuba, Asterion, Wilbreth, and Ino.

Issues encountered:

Comment moderation! I’m not talking about bloggers who moderate initial comments, or moderate all comments on hot-button issue blogs. I’m talking about bloggers who moderate every single comment for no reason!

If I take the time to write a thoughtful, respectful, intelligent comment, I’m not going to be very happy to return on another visit and see it’s still lost in moderation. Why did I waste my time writing that comment if you don’t get around to reading and approving your own comments until several days or weeks have passed?

I’m highly unlikely to return to such a blog. #sorrynotsorry

Lack of hyperlinking. A LOT of people just left their URLs in the daily link-up posts. While it doesn’t take hours to copy and paste it into a new tab or window, it’s still not as instantaneous as HTML coding it into a hyperlink.

The lack of a master list was a bit cumbersome. While there were certainly issues with the list, I liked how it contained all the blogs in one place. It took more time to trawl through the comments section of each daily post. The extra space taken up by each comment could’ve been used for several additional links under the old system.

I’m a big fan of time and motion study, pioneered by Frederick Winslow Taylor and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. It conserves the amount of time and work motions used to perform tasks. Sure, it didn’t take that much longer to scroll through 26 different comment sections, open each link or C&P each URL into a new tab, and link up myself, but the time spent doing that could’ve been used towards visiting a few more blogs each day. Over 26 days, those additional minutes really add up.

I also liked having the master list so I could start going through it right after sign-ups started. I began by visiting those closest to me, and got to know a lot of new blogs in advance. Throughout April, I became familiar with who was where in the list, and knew which links I’d visited or hadn’t explored yet by their hyperlink color. It was also a helpful reference for catching up in the months after the Challenge.

If there won’t be a master list from now on, a happy medium solution would be a service like Inlinkz. Some of the weekly bloghops I’ve participated in use that or a similar linking service. All you have to do is refresh it to see newer additions.

I do feel like the lack of a master list hurt those of us who weren’t early birds. We don’t all have the same sleep, work, or school schedule, or might not be able to get on a computer until late in the day, after almost everyone has already passed through. With a master list, we could peruse it at our leisure, and other bloggers would’ve found us more easily.

Post recap:

Ariadne and Argos (22 views)
Busiris and Bremusa (16 views)
Chronos and Circe (27 views)
Danaë and Diomedes (11 views)
Eurotas ans Eos (7 views)
Faunus and Frigg (16 views)
Ganymede and Gaia (12 views)
Hecate and Hypnos (16 views)
Ixion and Io (14 views)
Jocasta and Jason (17 views)
Klytemnestra and Kronos (20 views)
Laërtes and Leto (8 views)
Mnemosyne and Memnon (14 views)
Nestor and Nike (11 views)
Orithyia and Orestes (11 views)
Priapus and Polyxena (12 views)
Quiritis and Quirinus (12 views)
Rhadamanthus and Rhea (9 views)
Semele and Silenus (13 views)
Tantalus and Tethys (10 views)
Urania and Uranus (6 views)
Voluptas, Vervactor, Viduus, Viriplaca, Verminus, Venilia, Vagitanus, Vitumnus, and Volutina (11 views)
Wayland the Smith and Whaitiri (12 views)
Xanthos and Xenokleia (9 views)
Yoŭnik and Yara (9 views)
Zethos and Zeuxippe (9 views)

3 thoughts on “A to Z Reflections 2017

  1. I guess I haven’t done the challenge enough times to miss the master link list. frankly, I find looking at a list of over 1,000 blogs sort of daunting. I understand why people like it but for me, I’m not sure I want it back.

    yes, I have seen a few bloggers with their comment moderation on which I don’t really like because I like to re-read my comments for any mistakes I might have made and correct them.

    lots of people don’t know how to create the hyperlink so it is a bit of work copying and pasting but I would only do for the blogs I know I want to read so it’s not a big deal.

    congrats on finishing the challenge.

    have a lovely day.

  2. I agree with all the points you made about the master list. I encountered the same probalems as you did, and I think the expereiment of the commenting section was just that, an experiement.
    Many things were not clearly decided.

    For example, I was one of those who pasted the ulr rather than the hyperlink to my blog, not becasue I didn’t know how to code it, but because after I used the hyperlink on other comments and regularly lost the position I was on (because the link opened in the same tab), i decided I preffered right-clicking and opening the url in a new tab and so I pasted my url accordingly. Only later in the challenge did I discover that can be done on an hyperlink too.

    I suppose this means this kind of method requires too much knowledge on the part of the blogger, the linky list is far more immediate. But I’m also aware we cannot demand to the organisers to take up too much of a burden.
    I’m afraid I don’t have a solution 😦

  3. Congrats on finishing the Challenge with two blogs. I admire anyone who can pull that off. I only followed this one, but I found the posts thoroughly entertaining. I’m in two minds about the daily comment list. The good news is you’re only getting “live” blogs, not ones that had tailed off days or weeks before you clicked on their link. With the maxim of following five new blogs each day, it could take me up to an hour and twenty clicks to do that on the list, also discarding those that didn’t interest me. But the daily signup is definitely biased towards those who could get there first. Swings and roundabouts, but it hasn’t put me off for next year – I still found some great new people with themes that I really enjoyed.

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