2017 blogging stats in review

For the second year in a row, WordPress has decided not to do their awesome year-end stats summary, so it’s fallen upon us to do them ourselves.

This year’s Top 10 posts were:

“The many forms of Beatrice,” 204 views, published 1 February 2017.
“Dusty, screaming, shrieking names,” 178 views, published 12 October 2017.
“The many nicknames for Katherine,” 125 views, published 8 February 2017.
“Ten reasons I love onomastics,” 99 views, published 27 March 2017.
“Steely, metallic names,” 97 views, published 23 June 2017.
“Going Greek for A to Z!,” 70 views, published 20 March 2017.
“The many nicknames for Elizabeth,” 50 views, published 6 February 2017.
“Ghisolabella and Geryon,” 49 views, published 8 April 2016.
“Chronos and Circe,” 45 views, published 4 April 2017.
“Names to avoid in an Anglophone country,” 43 views, published 29 March 2017.

Overall, most of this year’s most-viewed posts, and many of my all-time most-viewed posts, were written this year or last year. Some older posts are also represented, such as “‘Translating’ proper names,” the post which finally spurred me to blacklist a persistently negative troll.

To reiterate, I’ve nothing against opinions which differ from mine, both in regards to my personal thoughts on a name or onomastic topic, and about the etymology I found. But there’s a huge difference between politely, respectfully agreeing to disagree or offering an alternate POV, and consistently blazing in with rude, chutzpahdik comments like “You do realize [opinion I just took the time to explain and argue for] is ridiculous, don’t you?” or “That’s not what this name really means!”

Every time I saw this troll’s name in my notifications, I had a sick feeling in my stomach, knowing I was about to read yet another chutzpahdik comment. How dare I express my own opinions on my own blog! The final straw was her blithe, rude dismissal of everything I’d said in that post about how outdated and culturally arrogant it is to “translate” proper names. This troll never said anything positive.

It’s just like how criticizing a name shouldn’t equal criticizing the person who has it. You can disagree with an opinion or etymology without using chutzpahdik language bashing the person who expressed those views.

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