The Ks of Slavic names


Kalina means “viburnum tree” in Polish, Bulgarian, and Macedonian. The male form is Kalin.

Kanita is the Bosnian form of the Arabic name Qanita (devout, obedient).

Korana comes from the name of a river in Croatia.

Krinka means “lily” in Serbian and Croatian.

Kseniya (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian), Ksenija (Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Croatian), and Ksenia (Polish) are forms of the Greek name Xenia (hospitality).

Květa means “flower, blossom” in Czech. This can also be a nickname for Květoslava (flower glory). I’ll have a future post spotlighting the many Slavic names starting in Kvet, Tsvet, and Cvet.


Kalinik is the Bulgarian, Serbian, and Croatian form of the Greek name Kallinokos (beautiful victory).

Kalistrat is the Bosnian and Croatian form of the Greek name Kallistratos, the male form of Kallistrate (beautiful army).

Kamen means “stone” in Bulgarian.

Kasiodor (Bosnian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian) and Kasjodor (Polish) are forms of the Greek name Kassiodoros. There’s no doubt the second element comes from doron (gift), but the first part has an uncertain etymology.

Khariton is the Russian form of the Greek name Chariton (kindness, grace). I had a character by this name who passed away of diphtheria at three months old, with his 3-year-old sister.

Kuzma (Russian), Kuzman (Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian), Kosma (Polish), and Kozma (Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovenian) are forms of the Greek name Kosmas (decency, order). I have two characters named Kuzma, one good and one evil.

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