The Ws of Slavic names


Wanda is a Polish and German name possibly meaning Wend, a Slavic tribe of eastern Germany. This was the name of King Krak’s daughter, the legendary founder of Kraków.

Wierzymira means “to believe in peace” in Polish.

Winanda is a rare Polish, West Frisian, Dutch, and German feminine form of the German name Winand, which may mean “sacred bravery” or “sacred risk.”

Wisenna is a rare Polish name meaning “cherry” or “springtime” in Old Polish.

Wszebora is the feminine form of the Polish name Wszebor, derived from Slavic roots wsze (always, all) and bor (battle) or borit (to fight). I gave this name to a sadistic Blockälteste character, whose superimposed green and yellow triangles indicate she’s a Jewish murderer. She’s later framed for insubordination, demoted from her prized position of authority, and sent to the infamous Block 11 of Auschwitz.

Wyszeniega means “higher snow” in Polish.


Witold is the Polish and German form of the Lithuanian name Vytautus, derived from Baltic roots vyti (to drive away, to chase) and tauta (people, nation). It may also derive from the Ancient Germanic name Widald, derived from roots witu (wood) and wald (rule, power). The feminine form is Witolda.

Witomyśl roughly means “lord of thought” in Polish.

Włościbor is a Polish name derived from roots włości (rule) and bora (struggle).

Wojciech is a Polish name derived from Slavic roots voji (soldier) and tekha (joy, comfort, solace). A rare feminine form is Wojciecha.

Wojgniew roughly means “soldier’s anger” in Polish.

Wszegniew means “always angry” in Polish.

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