2019 stats in review

Since WordPress quit offering their popular annual reports for one’s blogging stats, it’s fallen upon people to put such posts together ourselves. I really hate how they do away with features no one wanted to disappear!

My Top 10 most-viewed posts in 2019 were:

“Steely, metallic names,” published 23 June 2017, at 3,217 views. This is also my most-viewed post of all time.
“Apple names,” published 21 October 2017, at 2,103 views. This is my next-most-viewed post ever.
“Silvery, golden names,” published 26 June 2017, at 1,046 views. This is my fourth-most-viewed post ever.
“The many nicknames for Katherine,” published 8 February 2017, at 983 views. This is my third-most-viewed post of all time.
“Names with heart,” published 13 February 2017, at 831 views. This is my sixth-most-viewed post to date.
“Nocturnal names,” published 5 October 2016, at 719 views. This is my fifth-most-viewed post ever.
“The many forms of Mary, and its plethora of nicknames,” published 21 December 2017, at 634 views. This is my seventh-most-viewed post ever.
“The many forms of Esther,” published 10 March 2017, at 362 views. This is my tenth-most-viewed post ever.
“The many nicknames for Elizabeth,” published 6 February 2017, at 346 views. This is my ninth-most-viewed post ever.
“Pearly names (including the many forms of Margaret),” published 2 August 2017, at 305 views. This is my twelfth-most-viewed post to date.

My only all-time Top 10 post not in this year’s Top 10 is “Pumpkin names,” my eighth-most-viewed post ever, published 8 October 2017. This year, it was my sixteenth-most-viewed.

I remain glad I finally blacklisted a persistently chutzpahdik commenter in 2015. Everything she ever said was rude and dismissive, acting like I had no right to opinions differing from hers, let alone to express my own views on my own blog.


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