The Ps of Estonian names


Päärn, Päären, and Pääru are Estonian forms of Bernard (brave bear).

Paavo is the Estonian form of Paul (small; humble). The Russian form Pavel is also used, and was the 43rd most popular male name in 2018.

Pearu may be related to the word pea (head).

Pjotr is adopted from the Russian name Pyotr, a form of Peter (rock). The native Estonian form is Peeter. Both names are rather popular.

Platon is adopted from Russian, and means “broad-shouldered” in Greek.

Priidu, or Priidrik, is the Estonian form of Frederick (peaceful ruler).


Pärle means “pearl.”

Piia is adopted from German and the Scandinavian languages, and means “pious; dutiful.”

Piibe means “lily of the valley.”

Pille may be an Estonian short form of the German name Sybille, which ultimately comes from the Greek Sibylla (ten female prophets who worked at holy sites).

Pilvi, or Pilve, means “cloud.”

Polina is adopted from Russian, and ultimately comes from Paulina (humble; small).


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