The Is of Medieval Tuscan and Italian names

Male names:

Inghiramo (I) derives from Ancient Germanic roots Ing (a powerful god) and hraban (raven).

Isabello (I) is a male form of Isabella (originally a nickname for Elizabeth, which means “my God is an oath”).

Isambert (I) derives from Old High German and Old Saxon root isarn (iron) and Old High German beraht and Old Saxon berht (bright), ultimately from Proto–German berhtaz.

Isnard (I) derives from roots isarn and Old High German hart and Old Saxon hard (hard, strong).

Female names:

Iaquinta (I) is a feminine form of Hyacinth, via the original Greek Hyakinthos.

Imigla (T) may be a form of Emilia, which derives from Roman surname Aemilius and Latin word aemulus (rival).

Imperia (I) comes from the Latin word imperium (empire, power, rule, authority, command).

Inghilesca (I)

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