The Ms of Medieval Tuscan and Italian names

Male names:

Maffeo, Mafeo (T), Mazzeo (I) are forms of Matthew (gift of God). This was also a Venetian name.

Mancinagross (I) means “large/great left-handed person.”

Manens (I) means “abiding, remaining, staying.”

Marculfo, Marcolfo (I) is a form of Ancient Germanic name Marculf, which derives from Celtic root mara (horse; marah in Old High German) or Ancient Germanic marka (march, fortified area along a border), and Gothic vulfs (wolf).

Marquart (I) derives from Old High German roots marka and wart (guard, ward). This name is also Medieval Czech, Medieval German, and archaic Estonian.

Martio (I) either derives from the Latin name Martius (a derivative of Mars) or the Roman surname Marcius (a derivative of Marcus, also originating from Mars). The name Mars itself possibly means “male.”

Meo (I) was a very common Medieval name.

Mercato (I) means “merchant.”

Female names:

Madolina (I) is a form of Magdalene (woman from Magdala).

Magnifica (I) means “magnificent.”

Malgarita (T) is a form of Margaret (pearl).

Maralda (I) is a form of the German name Maralde, formed from Ancient Germanic roots mari (famous) and wald (to rule, to govern).

Materia (I) means “matter, substance, material.”

Meliore (I) means “better.”

Menta (I) means “mint.”

Midonia (I)

Moresina (T)

Muscata (I) means “nutmeg.”

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