The Ts of Medieval Tuscan and Italian names

Female names:

Taudisca (T), Tedesca (I) derives from Proto–Germanic root *þiudiskaz (popular, of the people, vernacular), and coincides with the Italian word tedesca (German woman).

Temperantia (I) means “self-control, temperance, moderation, sobriety.”

Tiberia (I) is the feminine form of Latin name Tiberius (of the Tiber River).

Tomasina, Thomsina (I) is a feminine form of Thomas (twin).

Tortula (I) means “small twist.”

Toscana (T, I) means Tuscany.

Male names:

Tallarico (I) is a shortened form of Atalarico, which derives from Ancient Germanic names Athalaric and Adalric (noble power). Its roots are Old High German adal (noble) and rîcja (mighty, powerful, strong), Celtic rîg or rix (king, ruler), and Gothic reiks (king, ruler).

Tedaldo, Teodaldo (I) derives from Ancient Germanic name Theudewald. Its roots are Germanic þeud (people) and Gothic valdan (to reign).

Teramo (I) is the name of a city in the Abruzzo region, taken from the first part of its Roman name, Interamnia Praetutiorum (between the two rivers of the Praetutii). The Praetutii were an Italic tribe. This is more common as a surname in modern Italy.

Theudo (I) derives from Gothic root þiuda (people), and was both a nickname and full given name. This was also Medieval Portuguese, Medieval Polish, Medieval French, and Medieval German.

Triadano (I)


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