The Vs of Medieval Tuscan and Italian names

Female names:

Veniera (T) is a feminine form of Veniero, which ultimately derives from Venus (love, sexual desire). Its root is Proto–Indo–European *wenh₁- (to love, to wish).

Verderia (I) is probably related to the Italian word verde (green).

Verderosa (I) means “green rose.”

Verdiana (I) is a shortened form of Veridiana, which itself is a form of Viridiana. They’re all feminine forms of the Roman surname Viridianus and Greek name Viridios, of possible Celtic origin. It may derive from Proto–Celtic root wird (green) or wirja (truth), combined with the prefix di- (from, has). The Latin word viridis also means “green.”

Vermilia (I) derives from the Latin word vermiculus (little worm), the origin of the English word “vermin.” This worm was used to make crimson dye, and thus the origin of another word, vermillion.

Veronese means “woman from Verona.”

Villana (I) means “feudal tenant.”

Vivinna (I)

Male names:

Venture (I) means “fortune.” This was sometimes also used as a nickname for Bonaventure.

Villanus (I) means “farmhand.”

Vincentio (I) is a form of Vincent (to conquer).

Volta (T)


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