2021 stats in review

I know I totally dropped the ball yet again and wasn’t nearly as consistent with posting in 2021 as I had hoped to be, apart from Blogging from A to Z April. My utmost apologies for not keeping to a more regular schedule and paying more attention to my primary blog, though my Dantean posts were my main focus in 2021 on account of the landmark septcentennial death anniversary year. I also had other things to preoccupy me.

Being the kind of oppositional, nonconformist person I am, I never make New Year’s resolutions, but I’d like to try to finally resume a more regular posting schedule here. Perhaps one post a week, at least. I still have a number of topics I’ve not yet gotten around to, and would love to hear readers’ suggestions.

My Top 10 most-viewed posts in 2021 were:

“Steely, metallic names,” published 23 June 2017, at 3,578 views in 2021 and 9,824 overall. This is still my most-viewed post of all time. (Always the ones you least suspect!)

“Doll and puppet names,” published 12 October 2020, at 3,539 views in 2021 and 3,593 overall. This has become my fifth-most-viewed post.

“The great and powerful Ing (and the names he spawned),” published 3 December 2017, at 2,374 views in 2021 and 4,103 overall. This has risen to become my third-most viewed post of all time.

“Apple names,” published 21 October 2017, at 1,917 views in 2021 and 6,199 overall. This is still my next-most-viewed post ever.

“Thor-inspired names,” published 23 February 2019, at 1,198 views in 2021 and 1,480 overall. Norse mythology has become very popular, particularly on account of the movies featuring Norse deities like Thor and Loki. This is now my tenth-most-viewed post.

“The many nicknames for Katherine,” published 8 February 2017, at 1,030 views in 2021 and 3,845 overall. This is my fourth-most-viewed post of all time.

“The many forms of Joshua,” published 21 November 2019, at 977 views in 2021 and 995 overall.

“Nocturnal names,” published 5 October 2016, at 875 views in 2021 and 2,717 overall. This is my sixth-most-viewed post ever.

“Dusty, screaming shrieking names,” published 12 October 2017, at 771 views in 2021 and 1,762 overall. This is still my ninth-most viewed post.

“Names with heart,” published 13 February 2017, at 734 views in 2021 and 2,067 overall. This slipped one position to become my eighth-most-viewed post to date.

Please let me know if there are any topics or names you’d like me to cover in 2022!

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