Happy Halloween!—Bat deity names

Happy Halloween! Though I already did a post about bat-related names a few years ago, I haven’t yet done one about names of gods and goddesses associated with bats. These flying creatures are so neat, and don’t deserve so much hate, fear, and prejudice.


Camazotz means “Death bat” in K’iche,’ a Mayan language spoken in Guatemala. He was a monster encountered by hero twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque in Popol Vuh, the oldest surviving text recording K’iche’ mythology and history.

Murcielago was a Zapotec god of Death and night, represented as a bat.

Tzinacan was a Mayan and Aztec bat god, with the power to heal any sickness and to cut the silver cord of life tying the physical body to the soul.


Evaki, or Ewaki, was a goddess of night, sleep, dreams, and day, worshipped by the Bakairi people of Brazil and sometimes represented as a bat.

Leutogi was a Samoan princess who became a Polynesian goddess. She was sent to the island of Tonga to become the King’s second wife, part of a peace treaty between their countries, but wasn’t very popular with her new subjects. One day, Leutogi found a wounded baby bat and nursed him back to health till he was able to rejoin his family. The Tongans disliked her even more for this.

The bats, however, remembered her righteousness, and came to her rescue when she was falsely accused of witchcraft and being burnt at the stake. Thousands of bats flew to the scene and urinated all over the flames and the angry crowd, saving Leutogi’s life.

Leutogi was exiled to a remote, barren island, where the bats kept her company and helped her survive by bringing her food and anything else she needed. The bats made the island fertile again, and Leutogi became a goddess of bats and fertility.

Batty names

Happy Halloween! To cap off the month of Halloweeny names, I found some bat-related names. Most of these are bat genera which could also work as human names. As always, these are names which could be given to fictional characters or pets, not just babies.


Mimon is a South American bat genus. I could see this working on either sex, or possibly being a nickname of some sort.

Myskia means “bat” in Old Swedish and Medieval Scandinavian.


Acerodon is a type of megabat.

Antrozous is the formal name of the pallid bat.

Aproteles is the formal name of Bulmer’s fruit bat.

Ariteus is the formal name of the Jamaican fig-eating bat.

Artibeus is a genus of neotropical fruit bats.

Centurio is a type of wrinkle-faced bat.

Cistugo is a type of bat from southern Africa.

Desmodus is a genus of vampire bats.

Diaemus is the formal name of the white-winged vampire bat.

Eidolon is a type of megabat.

Histiotus is a genus of South American vesper bats.

Lasiurus is the formal name for the genus of hairy-tailed bats.

Myotis is the formal name for mouse-eared bats.

Natalus is a genus of funnel-eared bats.

Nycteris is a genus of hollow-faced bats.

Penthetor is the formal name of the dusky fruit bat.

Pharotis is the formal name of the New Guinea big-eared bat.

Philetor is a type of vesper bat, also called Rohu’s bat.

Rousettus is a type of Old World megabat or fruit bat.

Taphozous is a genus of sac-winged bats.

Vespertilio is the formal name for vesper bats.


Ametrida is the formal name of the little white-shouldered bat.

Anoura is a genus of leaf-nosed bat, many of which are tailless.

Asellia is a genus in the Old World leaf-nosed bat family.

Barbastella is a type of vespertilionid bat.

Boneia is a type of megabat, another name for the Manada fruit bat.

Carollia is a genus of short-tailed fruit bats.

Coleura is a genus of sac-winged bats.

Cormura is the formal name for the chestnut sac-winged bat, or Wagner’s sac-winged bat.

Dobsonia is a type of megabat.

Euderma is a type of vesper bat. Its common name is the spotted bat.

Ia is a type of vesper bat. This is also the name of two saints, Ia of Persia (4th century) and Ia of Cornwall (5th or 6th century). Additionally, this is a Georgian name meaning “violet,” from the Greek ion.

Kerivoula is a genus of vesper bats.

Lavia is a type of yellow-winged bat. For obvious reasons, I wouldn’t recommend this as a forename for a real person!

Mălina is the Romanian form of the Slavic name Malina. It has a number of possible meanings, among them “bat.”

Mosia is the formal name for the dark sheath-tailed bat.

Murina is a vesper bat genus.

Mystacina is the formal name for New Zealand short-tailed bats.

Platalina is a type of long-snouted bat.

Rhogeessa is a genus of vesper bats.

Sturnira is a genus of New World leaf-nosed bats. The name means “starling” in Latin, after the ship which went on an 1836 voyage to Brazil and collected specimens.

Tadarida is a genus of free-tailed bats.

Tonatia is a genus of South and Central American phyllostomid bats. The common name is round-eared bat.

Vampyressa is a type of leaf-nosed bat. For obvious reasons, I’d most recommend this as a pet or character’s name!