The Bs of Ukrainian names

Because I couldn’t find a whole lot of Ukrainian names starting with B, which seems to be a less common letter for Slavic names in general, all of today’s names overlap with other languages.

Male names:

Bohdan is the Ukrainian, Czech, and Slovak form of Bogdan (given by God). This was the name of one of Ukraine’s great national heroes, Cossack leader Bohdan Khmelnytskyy, though I can’t see him as heroic on account of his role in many pogroms.

Bohuslav is the Ukrainian, Slovak, and Czech form of the Polish name Bogusław (glory of God, God’s glory).

Borys is the Ukrainian and Polish form of Boris, which comes from a Bulgar Turkic name also written as Bogoris. It possibly means “wolf,” “snow leopard,” or “short.”

Female names:

Bohdana is the female form of Bohdan.

Bohuslava is the female form of Bohuslav.

4 thoughts on “The Bs of Ukrainian names

  1. So when I was a young person I came to this through Greek.
    The whole Basil/Vasily thing.

    Thank you Tarkabarka.

    I’d have thought, “Hmm, fairly uncommon”.

    And as for Bohdan [I hope not too many people go and switch the D and the H around like my typing fingers nearly did] – there was a gentleman who fought in and survived the Warsaw Uprising. He died in late 2018 and lived a lot of his later life in London.

    Names and heroes and deeds.

    The Cossacks have really a very complex history.

    And didn’t one of your very young characters in THE GOOD IT IS THEIR HAP TO FIND have another B-name which is not Borys?

    [Then I checked. It was BRUNO – probably not remotely Ukrainian]

    And that Boris/Borys comes from Bogoris … [and the Turkic world].

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