The Ls of Ukrainian names

Male names:

Lavrin is a folk form of Lawrence, which comes from Roman cognomen Laurentius and means “from Laurentium.” Its ultimate root is probably laurus (laurel).

Les is a diminutive of Oleksandr and Oleksiy.

Lesko is also a diminutive of the above names.

Lohvyn is a folk form of Longinus, a Roman cognomen derived from root longus (long).

Lukash is the Ukrainian form of Luke, which ultimately comes from Greek name Loukas (from Lucania).

Lyubomyr means “love and peace” or “love of the world.”

Female names:

Larysa is the Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Polish form of Larisa, which possibly comes from the name of an ancient city in Thessaly and thus means “citadel.”

Lesya is a Ukrainian nickname for Oleksandra (helper/defender of man).

Lileya possibly comes from the Ukrainian word lileya, a variant of liliya (lily).

Lykera is a folk form of Hlykeriya, which comes from Greek name Glykeria and means “sweet.”

Lyubava is an alternate form of Lyubov (love).

Lyudmyla means “favour of the people,” derived from roots lyudu (people) and milu (gracious, dear). This name appears in many Slavic languages, with several different spellings.


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